Faux Finishes - Plaster, Marble, Glaze and Woodgrain Faux Finishes

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Plaster Faux Finishes

Marble Faux Finishes

  • Marbleizing Fireplace

  • Marbleizing Fireplace with Black Marble

  • Antique Verde Marble and Dakota Granite Faux Finishes

  • Norwegian Rose Marble and Travertine Marble Marble Finishes

    From right Pink Travertine Marble, Norwegian Rose Marble, Travertine Marble and Pink Travertine Marble


Glaze Faux Finishes

  • Room Wall with Parchment Glaze

    Room Walls with Parchment Glaze The Qua House, Tuftonboro, NH

  • Two Color Wash

  • Glazing with Gold Leaf

    Stippiling with Gold Leaf Accent

  • Glazing with Stencil

    Ragging with Ornate Stencil


Woodgrain Faux Finishes

  • Mahogany Faux Finish Cabinets

    Mahogany finish

    This striking mahogany finish is created by seventeen passes with two different paints for the basecoats, five different colors of glazes on top of the basecoats, and a finish of three coats of oil varnish for durability.

  • Woodgrain Finish Table

  • Zebra Wood and Tiger Maple Wood Finishes

  • Brazilian Rosewood and Bird's Eye Maple Woodgrain Faux Finishes